Image Processing System

Hardware Specification

Software Specification


I have been using this system for my Astronomy since I began in 2015, it was purpose built for the task. It originally had 32GB of RAM but I increased this to 64GB to allow me to have a large RAMDisk for use with Pixinsight, I also recently added a K1200 GPU to allow me to upgrade from my 42" 1080p monitor to a 4k monitor at some stage in the future as this will be better suited to processing in Pixinsight as I can have a number of open images tiled across the screen.

I expect this system to last for at least another 5 years, potentially longer as it doesn't get heavy usage since it's only purpose is for processing the image data that I capture, using a different machine. It is mounted in a small 19" rack in my AstroShed, it is the upper 2U server in the image to the right.